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SunStar Jets is your premier procurement and contract management company, specializing in the acquisition and management of both private and commercial Jets .

As a fiduciary company we are bound to act in our client’s best interest, both legally and ethically.

Over the past few years the business of purchasing and managing a private jet has evolved to a new level of sophistication, and complexity.

The internet and information age has completely changed the dynamics of aviation today.

Buying a private jet or commercial aircraft is not like buying a car, there is a lot more to it, and this is where expert advice will save you both time and money.


With so much information about private jets at your fingertips, it can be quite overwhelming, and to some degree can give you a false sense of comfort.

You can simply type in any make or model of aircraft for sale and immediately be directed to a website; however some websites tend not to be updated, and many times have false, incomplete, and misleading information.

It is always recommended to consult with an experienced aviation expert, aviation attorney, and aviation tax consultant when purchasing a private jet.


At SunStar Jets we work on an exclusive basis with our clients,  and our services do not stop at just finding you a private or commercial jet. We look at each aircraft transaction as a project, and we are there from start to finish, also offering ongoing management programs under FAA (part 91 & 135).

When it comes to purchasing, first we run a comprehensive analysis to determine which is the right private jet for you.

Each aircraft requires not only Pilots but also before you purchase, the aircraft has to be carefully inspected with a pre-buy inspection, which includes, but not limited to a borescope analysis, full review of aircraft records, making sure the aircraft has a clear title, and has been registered with the appropriate Civil Aviation Authority, and that is only the beginning….

The aircraft will need an experienced flight crew; for instance did you know if you hire the wrong pilot he/she could cost you in extra maintenance every year?

You will also need continuing support from qualified experienced engineers, etc, and SunStar Jets will guide you seamlessly through that process.

When you become a SunStar Jets client, our global network and expertise is at your service, our ultimate goal with every ‘Project’ is to give our clients a positive aircraft experience.

To view aircraft models visit the SunStar Jets YouTube Channel