“As a leader in the computer industry, we expect high quality to blend with our superior products, and that is exactly what we received with Geoff, helpful, creative, and above all sensitive to our particular needs and requirements, his entire team exceeded our expectations”


“From the very beginning your team were true professionals of the industry, and indeed it was almost as if you were our team, as you clearly understood our direction.


“All your team went above and beyond the call of duty, many last minute changes were made, but despite that, with every request, your team took care of it with a “no problem” attitude”

– KPR –

“Whatever it takes! Should be their slogan; Geoff & his team are more like the anything company, if they do not have it they will find it. We always appreciate the “No problem” attitude which goes a long way to giving us peace of mind”


“Geoff and his team helped me buy my first aircraft and I have never been happier. The service and professionalism SunStar Jets gave me was far more than I expected,  and they went and still do go above and beyond any other company I have dealt with in business, I would highly recommend them to anyone buying an aircraft or helicopter.”


“One word really says it all about this company “Remarkable”. I have bought several private jets over the years, and I have to say SunStar Jets made this transition in to my latest jet, a Bombardier Global 6000,  seamless. I particularly like the fact they have a “white glove” delivery service where they arrive 48 hours before any private jet is delivered and make sure everything has been addressed, and everything is perfect, and as I said one word says it all “Remarkable”