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Aircraft Acquisition: It’s Not Just About the Aircraft …

At SunStar Jets we have a number of cutting-edge tools, methods, and resources to buy aircraft. Buying an aircraft, especially if you have never done so before can be quite overwhelming  because it is not just  about the aircraft …

Buying a Private Jet is a complex and highly specialized process, not something that should be taken lightly with a simple Google search. SunStar Jets has the experience and expertise to work with you and your advisers to ensure a successful outcome.

For SunStar Jets this is a project that starts with an aircraft, then aircraft registration, setting-up of a Special Purpose Company (SPC) (if required), hiring pilots, arranging aircraft insurance, procuring  a maintenance contract and much more…

One mistake many new owners make when buying a jet is simply hiring a pilot experienced and qualified on type. This restricts you to just a few potential candidates. We always stress to hire the right person for the job and then, if not qualified on type, pay for their rating. A private jet needs to be private and a lot of that starts with your crew keeping a low profile. You need to have loyal crew and that starts with hiring the right flight crew.

The first thing that will need to be determined is the correct aircraft to meet your objectives and  mission profile.

Once we have determined the objective, we then recommend which type of aircraft fits your individual requirements, and at that time also discuss your  estimated budget for the project. A private jet can be both a luxury item and a valuable business tool.

Selling Your Aircraft: Creativity is the Edge…

When its time to sell your aircraft we are their with you to and we will run a comprehensive market analysis on your aircraft to determine what it will realistically sell for in the current market. Sometimes selling now may not be the best solution and this is where we become creative  by looking in to various options such as leasing your jet out for a period of time, while we wait for the market to adjust.

We will then stage a proactive marketing campaign that targets people and groups that are most likely to purchase your type of aircraft, which affords you the opportunity to get the best possible price in the shortest period of time.

We qualify potential buyers before presenting any offers.

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