Aircraft Acquisitions


At SunStar Jets we specialize in private jet acquisitions, from Cessna Citations’ s to Boeing 787’s we cover them all.


In  today’s  increasingly  globalized  and  competitive business  climate, more  and  more companies and individuals are investing in the ultimate expression of business and personal time control: their own Private Jet.


Buying a Private Jet is a complex and highly specialized process. SunStar Jets has the experience and expertise to work with you and your advisers to ensure a successful outcome.


We help you define your requirements.


We consider every operational detail such as mission profile, comfort level, aircraft base and delivery schedule.


Our finance experts take care of budget considerations, annual operating costs, residual values, financing options and tax optimization.


Locating the right aircraft for you is our specialty – thanks to our years of market knowledge and close relationships with manufacturers and private jet owners.


If you’re buying new, we will manage the purchase for you – everything from the initial specification to final acceptance, and hiring the crew.


If the lead time is too long for you, we can help secure an earlier position on the secondary market.


On the the commercial acquisition side we offer multiple solutions for your VIP or VVIP conversion

We are able to acquire the right aircraft for a conversion for any application, from corporate applications, through sports team applications

Our job is to find you the right solution for your needs and there are many parameters that come into play for us to determine that.



Ferry Flights


B777 CockpitFor our clients, when aircraft need to be delivered to new owners, or re-positioned for maintenance purposes we offer our International Ferry Flights Service.


We have experienced pilots qualified on Gulfstream G450, G550, G650, Bombardier Global Express, 5000 & 6000, Dassault Falcon 7X, Cessna Citation X, and many more types of aircraft.


Here at SunStar Jets we have safe, experienced, and skilled ferry pilots. Our pilots know how to deal with and expedite the resolution of any issues whether it be bureaucratic, logistical, or mechanical that may arise in the course of the ferry flight.


We do not take shortcuts to save money, safety ALWAYS comes first!


We carry electronic, and all the volumes of Jeppesen’s charts, for the entire regions we fly through, current high/low en route charts, a proper HF radio installation, our own GPS units with current & updated databases, all survival equipment necessary, approved ferry tanking where needed, and professionally arranged over flight and landing clearances with ground handling.


Our Service Includes:

  • Worldwide Flight Planning
  • Fuel Services
  • Mechanical Services
  • Overflight, & Landing Fees
  • Ground Handling Fees
  • Legal Services
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Pre-flight Maintenance Checks



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